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Administrative Guidelines

The University established a process to evaluate all staff positions during the compensation analysis period, which will be used when evaluating existing and newly created staff positions, and will provide the foundation for administering consistent compensation strategies in hiring qualified employees to support the University's strategic plan. The following are administrative guidelines that will be used in evaluating current and future positions:

1. Required knowledge, skills and experience
2. Complexity and conceptual thinking
3. Decision making authority (autonomy)
4. Required interpersonal skills
5. Supervisory/Management level
6. Impact on CUA's strategic plan

Further administrative compensation guidelines will apply in each of the following areas for every position at the University. Those are:

New Positions

All new positions will be evaluated by the University's Compensation Manager prior to the job posting. Supervisors who wish to add a new position to their department will need to complete the Personnel Request Form (PRF) and follow the instructions for hiring staff that can be found on the Manager Resources pages. Please see the Recruitment Procedures for more information on CUA's hiring process. To learn more about the creation of the compensation program and the methodology used in the process, please visit the Compensation History section of the Human Resources website.


Starting Salaries

Targets have been developed to provide managers with guidelines on establishing starting salaries that correspond to an employee's skill/competency level and experience.


No employee will be hired below the minimum of the assigned salary level.


Managers: To find out more about how to determine the appropriate starting salary for a new employee, please review the Starting Salary Guide.


Job Titles

Titles for administrative support positions have been standardized. To view a printable list of knowledge, skills and abilities required by each administrative support position, please click here.


Grant Funded Positions

Grant funded positions with salaries below the minimum will receive a waiver through the end of the existing funding period. All new grants must comply with the compensation program by obtaining sufficient funding to pay supported positions at least the minimum salary of the established range.


Maximum Salary Levels

No employee will be hired at a salary that is greater than the maximum of the assigned salary level. Employees earning more than the maximum salary may be eligible for performance based merit payments, but not increases to base salary, until the maximum salary of the range increases.