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Paper copies are also available from the Office of Human Resources in 170 Leahy Hall. Any questions regarding procedures for filling out or turning in forms should be directed to the Office of Human Resources by e-mail or phone 202-319-5050.

Recruitment & Hiring
Position Description Template
     Employee Data Form (EDF)
     Personnel Requisition Form (PRF)
     Resume Review Summary
     Interview Evaluation
     Reference Check
     Evaluation of Applicant

Status Changes (transfers, terminations, promotions, name changes, address changes, etc.)
    Employee Data Form (EDF)

Performance Reviews
     Initial Review Period Evaluation
     Performance Evaluation A (Non-Exempt Employees)
     Performance Evaluation B (Exempt Employees)
     Performance Evaluation C (Exempt Supervisory Employees)
     Pre-Appraisal Form

Position Descriptions
Human Resources archives position descriptions that we receive.  Contact us if you need a copy.
     Position Description Template - Updated!