The Catholic University of America

Voluntary Terminations

1. A letter stating an employee's intent to resign from his or her position normally initiates a process of voluntary termination, but not in all cases. If there is no resignation letter from the employee, the manager should immediately document the employee's oral resignation statement and have the employee sign and date the statement. The letter or statement should include the last day to be worked. At that time, the manager should discuss the University's policy on payment for unused vacation leave with the resigning employee.

2. Within one workday of receiving the resignation notice, the manager must send a copy of the resignation letter (or documentation of oral resignation) to Human Resources.

3. Within one workday of receiving the resignation notice, the manager must also complete an Employee Data Form (EDF) and submit the completed EDF to Human Resources. Vice Presidents are not required to sign the EDF, unless they have told their divisions they want to do so. However, managers are encouraged to keep cognizant Vice Presidents informed of staffing changes.

If the termination date changes after the EDF has been submitted to Human Resources, the supervisor must fax or deliver a revised form to Human Resources.

NOTE: If the employee has given less than two weeks notice, it is critical that the manager fax or deliver the resignation letter and EDF to Human Resources. In cases of very short notice, such as a week or less, the manager should fax the resignation letter or statement and the EDF to Human Resources and call Human Resources to request expedited processing of the termination.

4. The manager must instruct the employee to call Human Resources at (202) 319-5050 to schedule an exit interview with a Benefits representative. At the exit interview, the employee will be given a Termination Checklist and will be instructed to go to each of the departments listed on the form for clearance. After obtaining the clearance signatures, the employee must return the completed Termination Checklist to Human Resources. A final paycheck will not be issued or automatically deposited for employees on automatic payroll deposit until the completed form has been returned to Human Resources with all applicable clearances. Human Resources will notify Payroll if the final pay needs to be changed to withhold reimbursement for University property that the employee failed to return.