The Catholic University of America

Current Staff Positions at The Catholic University of America

Before applying please note the following: 

  • A completed and signed Application for Employment is required if you are interviewed or specifically asked for a completed application in the job posting.
  • Applicants must specify which position they are applying for and where applicable, indicate the corresponding six digit position number.
  • Applications can only be accepted for positions that are currently posted.
  • Applications cannot be accepted for positions that may be open in the future.
  • Only those applications meeting the minimum qualifications for the position are considered.
  • All applicants must be willing and able to uphold the Catholic mission of the University in fulfillment of their duties.

Additional points to consider:

  • No University employee may hold a position in the academic department/school/office in which the employee is enrolled in a degree program.
  • Regular full-time and part-time employ­ees may not be full-time University students.
  • Newly hired employees must be prepared to present acceptable documenta­tion showing his/her identity and/or work authorization as required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA).

Applicants under 18: