The Catholic University of America

How to Apply at CUA

To apply for any of the jobs listed in the Current Position Listings, please follow the directions at the bottom of each position. If you experience any difficulty during the application process, please feel free to contact the Office of Human Resources at tel: 202-319-5050.

  • Complete and sign a CUA Application for Employment. Be sure to include your signature and the date.
  • Attach any related paperwork to the Application. Attachments to the Application for Employment should be related to the position for which you are applying. 
  • Mail, fax, or e-mail the Application to the appropriate recruiter. The fax number for Human Resources is 202-319-5802. If you prefer to send your application by mail, please address it to:

The Catholic University of America
Office of Human Resources
Position Title & Number
620 Michigan Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20064

  • Wait for a response.The CUA Application for Employment and resumes are received and screened by the Office of Human Resources. Applicants that meet the "minimum requirements," as advertised, are forwarded immediately to the hiring department. CUA does not encourage applicants to contact hiring departments/offices before being contacted for an initial interview, since the hiring department presently contacts applicants to be interviewed. Upon receipt of your application, the Office of Human Resources will send you an acknowledgment letting you know that we have received your application and that it is in the process of being reviewed. While we process applications as quickly as possible, it may be two to three weeks after you have sent your application that you receive our acknowledgement of receipt. However, please note that even though it may take some time for you to receive our acknowledgment, your application is sent immediately upon receipt to the hiring department.

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