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The most valued asset of The Catholic University of America is its human capital. Our ability to fulfill the institution's mission and strategic plan rests solely with the faculty and staff. By recruiting, hiring and retaining quality employees, the university can excel as a leader in Catholic higher education.

A fair compensation program for staff is an integral component in developing an exemplary workforce dedicated to our teaching and research missions. Accordingly, the university is committed to administering a staff compensation program that is both fair and equitable and addresses University budget constraints. By establishing a fair and equitable compensation program, the university demonstrates its commitment to:

  • Administering a compensation program based on market data that provides the foundation for consistent recruitment strategies in hiring qualified employees to support the university's strategic plan;
  • Ensuring positions are valued in relation to other positions on campus, eliminating discrepancies in salaries paid for similar type jobs; and
  • Providing all employees with clear expectations of responsibilities through written job descriptions.