The Catholic University of America

Hiring Process

The Catholic University of America advertises full-time, part-time and temporary vacancies for persons seeking staff and faculty positions. To apply for any of the jobs listed in the Current Position Listings, you must complete in detail an Application for CUA Employment, making sure to include your signature and the date. Attachments to the Application for Employment should be related to the position being applied for and may include a cover letter and resume. Faculty recruitment is conducted by the individual academic departments. Applicants for faculty positions are required to send a curriculum vitae directly to the department of interest.

The University application for employment and resumes are received and screened by the Office of Human Resources. Applicants that meet the "minimum requirements," as advertised, will be forwarded to the hiring department. The University does not encourage applicants to contact hiring departments/offices before being contacted for an initial interview, since the hiring department presently contacts applicants to be interviewed. All newly hired employees serve an initial probationary period. Positions are considered open until filled, unless a closing date has been advertised.

No University employee may hold a position in the academic department or, in schools without departments, in the school in which the employee is enrolled in a degree program. Regular full-time and part-time employees may not be full-time Catholic University students.

Our policy does not permit a new employee to begin work before all approvals have been obtained. Offers of appointment are made by the appropriate office: Office of Human Resources for staff positions and the Provost for faculty positions. As required by the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, upon hire newly appointed employees must be prepared to present acceptable documentation confirming identity and/or work authorization.

The Catholic University of America is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity institution and welcomes applications from women, minorities, Vietnam era veterans, and people with disabilities. All employees must be able to affirm and support the mission of the University in performing their duties. The University has the prerogative to prefer applicants of the Catholic faith.